Friday, July 6, 2012

Losing my mind in the summer heat

The kanji character for heat
I'm not designed for heat waves. I feel like I'm being constantly baked in an enormous oven, with whatever intelligence I normally possess being cooked out of me like the water in a cake. Of course, it’s entirely possible I just bungled the culinary metaphor I was trying for – since higher-level brain functions are being baked out of me, I end up unable to focus on anything but how incredibly, all-consumingly hot it is. So I'm not only less smart, I also become a boring conversationalist. It’s terribly embarrassing, or at least it is when I get into some proper air conditioning and can actually think again.
This year, I even feel guilty about how much I hate the heat. With so many people losing their homes to fire, or sitting in the sweltering dark because they haven’t had power for almost a week, I admit I’m in the back of the complaint line. But I still dream about climbing into the bottom shelf of the freezer section for a refreshing nap (if there are any kids reading, don’t do that), and longingly look forward to the moment when the first cool breeze touches my face again. I’ll get my brain back. In a way, I’ll get myself back.
Which will be good, because I’ll have to start driving in snow again. Still, I’ll at least be able to have an intelligent conversation with the tow truck guy.

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