Monday, February 13, 2017

How to Win Over Your Arch-Nemesis (in Three Easy Steps) question/future plans (a.k.a. my little spy fic)

I wasn't really prepared to trip and fall into spy fiction. I'd never written it, never really even thought about writing it, and then one little plot bunny happened and suddenly I have a whole new universe. Weirder still, it's one I really, really like. Like many people who have commented on the two chapters I have posted (thank you all, they're all so lovely), I've realized over the last few weeks that I really, really want to know what happens next.

So my current plan is to double the current amount of text (I say double, but never in all my life has a piece of fiction kept to the word count I thought it would, so it'll probably go over) get a cover together, and publish it on several different platforms (including Smashwords) as a 99 cent e-book. I will, of course, keep everyone updated here and on my various social media profiles.

And if you guys end up liking that, who knows? Spies (and computer programmers, I suspect) always seem to have more than one adventure under their belt.

Update: It's up now. I've collected all the links it's currently available at here, and will be adding links to new platforms as they go online. 


  1. I'm with this till the end. I'm very excited to see where this story goes and paying a buck is easily worth it. I'll always wish the online stories i read are dozens of chapters long though lol

  2. This is the story that brought me to your blog and im just waiting to have some free time to buy everything you've ever did. I love your stile and i'd be delighted if you continued this spy story. Im also with you, wherever you take this story :) -steph

  3. Just finished reading it and loved it! Really hoping that you'll be continuing their adventures

  4. Read the first few bits online, followed the trail here to find and buy the finished version, loved it, and now I - liked those above - would very much like to see more from this 'verse. Brilliant ficcery! ^5

  5. Enjoyed the book! Would definitely get the sequel(s) ��